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Fastest Way to Grow Your...


Reach a targeted audience made up of your ideal prospects


Quickly generate sales from podcast interviews


Spread your message wider and make a bigger impact

A huge portion of the population LOVE listening to podcasts.​

However, many business owners avoid creating podcast content it’s just one more thing to do on their list.

Being interviewed as a guest is the ideal solution

That’s because it doesn’t take much preparation to be interviewed off-camera, and you need very little technology of your own.

Podcast Guest Interviews

Why Interview?


Increase your visibility and drive website traffic


Establish your credibility and build your authority


Generate income while building relationships and growing your list


Spread your message so that you make a bigger impact

Yes, you can increase your visibility, establish your credibility and generate income all through being a podcast guest, with barely any effort or cost!

Reach Your Ideal Audience and Build Your Personal Brand

The 5 Interviews in 5 Days Challenge is the fastest (and easiest) way to get booked on podcasts without having a huge audience or being a social media influencer.

About The Author Tony Guarnaccia

  • Founder | Podcast One Sheet and Castocity
  • Awarded | 2009 Google Agency of Year
  • Experienced | Over $400 Million in Ad Spend
  • Fortune 500 | Ford Motor Company, ADP, AutoNation, GM
  • >10,000+ |  Small Businesses across every industry B2B / B2C
  • Entrepreneur | Crystal Apple Award Best New Product

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Get 5 Podcast Interviews in Just 5 Days!​

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